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Sample videos:

The videos posted on this site are YouTube-quality presentations of a few inquiry starters from Volume One.  The Teacher curricum set includes 50 videos on a DVD to be played from the teacher's computer, along with teacher support for each project and other valuable teacher resources.
 The school server version uses the school network, so all 50 higher quality videos  play perfectly  on any device, including student tablets, because the local bandwidth to the server is quite high.

This page includes one sample video from each topic area.  To order all 50 videos, please contact us at the e-mail address shown at the top of this page.

A general note on using these projects:

The following projects (like those in all our sets) are designed to be carried out over a period of one to two weeks - or, in some cases, even longer.  The key is not to race to an answer, but to explore the topic in ways that lead to broad understanding of the project area.  This involves student research, creating a project, sharing the project with people, and looking for other questions that are triggered during the student's research.

Primary grades

This question is typical of those asked by young children and makes a good project.

Art and Media

Research on this question leads to a deeper understanding of two important musical art forms and can trigger a similar analysis of other art forms where one may have derived from another.


This history question opens the door to deep research on topics spanning hundreds of years, all with a simple question.

Social Studies

Now that we are looking for planets that can support intelligent life, this project is very timely and raises deep questions about our identity as living beings.

Language Arts

While students may study myths in school, this question lets them explore the role of myth in the context of understanding other people as they talk with them.


This seemingly simple question leads to a rich exploration of the physical structure of plants, with strong overlaps into mathematics.

Technology and Engineering

Do some students believe that robots can think?  This project lets them explore the topic on their own and sets the stage for robotics projects in the classroom.


Sharing a pizza is a common activity.  This project explores the topic in ways that can stimulate good mathematics thinking skills.  Especially if the first cut is off-center!