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Volume 1

Primary Art History Social
Mathematics Science Technology
Language Arts


How to use these materials

This application contains fifty short (one- to two-minute) videos designed to set the stage for an area of inquiry.  Each video contains only enough information to set up the question, and all the remaining work is to be done by the student.  It is important to not "give away the answer" after showing a video - finding answers is the task of the students. Depending on complexity, these projects can run from one to several weeks in length.  Simply choose a category from the buttons above and get started!  With the exception of the primary grade materials, these questions can be applied across almost any age range.


For further assistance...

We conduct workshops across the country on the implementation of inquiry-driven project-based learning as it relates tp the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.  Our team has a great background in these topics, having worked in the area for decades.

Contact us at the e-mail above with any questions you may have or to schedule one of our timely and practical workshops for your school or district.